YPC in concert with Chicago Children's Choir and Young@Heart Chorus


"The moment they began to sing, I could tell it was going to be something special." - Ronald Perera, composer

"YPC is a place to sing your heart out, and learn about music." - YPC singer, age 10

“Every week after choir my daughter goes on singing for hours after the lesson’s over – which is for me a sure sign of how much she enjoys YPC and how comfortable she feels there.” - Choir parent

“Thank you once again for Sunday’s terrific concert! The musical selections were so diverse — both playful and beautiful. The children sounded very polished and professional, but there was something more to it as well. The music was really uplifting. It gave the audience the same transcendent experience that all great music does. Being part of that will stay with them (and us) always.” - Choir parent

"The young people sang with musical ownership... with authority and conviction. Your programming was beautifully and thoughtfully balanced. It was apparent as I listened and observed the students that they knew they were experiencing something of significance." - Audience member